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  • Ashop Clough

    Ashop Clough

    A rather cloudy circuit of the Kinder Scout plateau with the clag briefly clearing on Fairbrook Naze to open up this view of Ashop Clough, a deep gorge down which the ancient path from Hayfield to the former Snake Inn passes. The aim had been to visit the newly recognised highest point of the plateau, […]

  • The manuring of Kildale’s fields

    The manuring of Kildale’s fields

    The lush fields of the Kildale are the result of generations of cultivation. Under his tenancy agreement, the farmer at Percy Rigg Farm (or Viewley Hill Farm as it was formerly known in the 19th-century) would have been under certain conditions to maintain and improve his fields. He “will lay and spread … in each […]

  • Botton Head

    Botton Head

    An obscure sandstone outcrop on Carr Ridge of Urra Moor, and overlooking to narrow north-facing valley of Ingleby Botton. The word Botton comes  from an Old Scandinavian word ‘Botn’ for a hollow or head of a valley of just this shape, rounded and flat-bottomed. The early surveyors of the Ordnance Survey must have misinterpreted the local […]

  • Waites House Farm, Westerdale

    Waites House Farm, Westerdale

    On 13th January 1858 the Teesdale Mercury carried a report: “SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION – An instance of spontaneous ignition among alum shale has lately occurred in the parish of Westerdale in the North Riding. At a certain point in Westerdale Head the process of jet mining has been carried on for some time past, and a […]

  • Botton Head

    Botton Head

    I mentioned last week that I thought the heather was late coming into bloom this year. Well, the sunny spell has given it a spurt and it’s now getting there. Still not as intense as I remember though. This is taken from the old Rosedale mineral railway near to the top of the incline and […]

  • On Wayworth Moor

    On Wayworth Moor

    There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place, seeing a new view, or just the sudden recognition of a familiar view from a different direction. The last time I was on Wayworth Moor to look at the stone circle was 2016. Five years, it seems an eternity. Ahead, Leven Vale is suffused in the verdurous […]

  • On Codhill Heights

    On Codhill Heights

    Sans le chien so a chance to go off-piste. So this is looking back after crossing Rivelingdale from Percy Cross Rigg and climbing Codhill Heights. The map indicates an old field system hereabouts, but there is not much to see. This small standing stone may or may not be significant, but as Donkey said in […]

  • The enigma of the Kildale man who went down with the Titanic

    The enigma of the Kildale man who went down with the Titanic

    On the 15 April 1912, the RMS Titanic had been at sea for five days on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City when she hit the iceberg on her starboard side that caused her hull plates to buckle inwards, flooding five of the sixteen watertight compartments that had been designed to make […]

  • Kentdale


    The Kent valley must be the quietest of the Lakeland dales. Hidden from the main tourist route with very few places to park and a ‘dry’ valley with no pub. This ruined sheepfold and barn is on the Garburn Pass, an ancient drovers’ route from Troutbeck, overlooking the middle section of the valley. Kentmere Tarn […]

  • Borrowdale


    January 2011 and a smidgeon of snow persists in the gullies of the Central Fells. I’m at about the 670m contour on the north-east slope of Ullscarfe. Just below a knoll that’s named High Saddle. Below is Borrowdale, and the settlement of Stonethwaite which was, in the 13th-century, a medieval vaccary for Fountains Abbey, over […]