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  • School Farm

    School Farm

    Outline planning permission is currently being applied for a proposed housing development at School Farm in Great Ayton. That’s the farm on the right with the proposed 35 houses extending across the field this side of the houses on Station Road and Dikes Lane. A previous scheme in 2016 was rejected after being vehemently¬† opposed […]
  • Low Cable Stone

    Low Cable Stone

    Not the easiest of places to get to, hidden away overlooking Tripsdale Beck. No Public Right of Way passes close by. A gamekeeper’s track can be made use of but the final 400m is a heather bash over Collar Ridge. But it’s well worth the effort. Tom Scott Burns, the author of many books on […]
  • The Pudding Stone

    The Pudding Stone

    And so summer ends. Above the heavily scarred landscape of the Coppermines valley in Coniston is a small dry valley called the Boulder Valley on account of its numerous boulders, the largest of which is the Pudding Stone. A huge boulder that tumbled down millennia ago from the heights of Brim Fell. Some idea of […]
  • A Return to Bransdale: Battling the Tenacious Pine and Larch Saplings

    A Return to Bransdale: Battling the Tenacious Pine and Larch Saplings

    After a hiatus of a few weeks, I find myself once again in Bransdale, volunteering my time to the National Trust. The task at hand is none other than the removal or trimming of young larch and pine saplings that have sprouted up on their own in Bloworth Wood, which was clear-cut a couple of […]
  • Kalsarik√§nnit


    A Finnish word for that feeling you have when you spend the evening getting drunk at home alone in your underwear, with no intention of going out. The word came to me when this afternoon when I was so attired, log fire blazing away. The beer came later. I had returned home tired and weary […]