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  • Low Force

    Low Force

    Another day, another waterfall. Less dramatic than its big brother, High Force, Low Force is another of the waterfalls in this dramatic landscape of upper Teesdale. It’s a popular tourist destination. The predominant geology of Teesdale is Carboniferous sedimentary rock but it has been intruded by a number of distinct igneous rocks. It is the […]

  • Cauldron Snout, Teesdale

    Cauldron Snout, Teesdale

    In the Times, 20 April 1960: VICAR APOLOGIZES TO PARENTS, CURATE’S INCENTIVE TEST, FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT, SUNDERLAND, APRIL 19, The Vicar of St Thomas’s, Pennywell, Sunderland, the Rev. M. P. Kent, tonight apologized to the parents of 37 children who had been taken by his curate the Rev. Michael Fox, aged 29, to Teesdale, 50 […]

  • Circulus inextricabilis

    Circulus inextricabilis

    Remember back in October when I commented on the estate padlocking their newly constructed steps down to the Old Meggison waterfall in Kildale? Well, the steps have now gone, and a hundred metres or so of post and wire fencing has been erected along the riverside of the track in an attempt to restrict access […]

  • Leven Falls

    Leven Falls

    In search of the “Leven Falls” somewhere downstream of Hutton Rudby. I recall reading of its existence in at least one guide book to Cleveland. Apparently, it was a popular Edwardian picnic spot. The falls are located just a few hundred metres downstream from Foxton Bridge, a crossing of the Leven which I have done […]

  • Old Meggison

    Old Meggison

    I’ve heard that some new fencing has been erected at Old Meggison on the River Leven. So that was a good enough excuse for me to head over to Kildale Woods for a wander. Old Meggison is a lovely waterfall, accessed by a “Concessionary Footpath” which is awaiting the confirmation of an order to upgrade […]

  • The star attraction in Great Ayton’s Waterfall Park

    The star attraction in Great Ayton’s Waterfall Park

    A snatched photo before the lens fogged up. The Leven’s high, few hardy souls about, the paths awash with flowing streams. In Newton Wood, I disturb flocks of wooshats sheltering from the storm. Returning home so wet and battered, I feel I’ve been through the washing machine. Ah, kissed by Ciara. Except, of course, it’s […]

  • Nelly Ayre Foss

    Nelly Ayre Foss

    Waterfall of the week, Nelly Ayre Foss on West Beck although I prefer the name used upstream, Wheeldale Beck. A magical place especially on a sunny winter’s day but, wanting everything perfect, the sun happened to be directly behind the falls so they are backlit. Not ideal but not too distracting I think. But who […]

  • Falling Foss

    Falling Foss

    One of the most picturesque waterfalls on the North York Moors. Thirty feet high, I have read, and viewed from the top of the deep gorge, the pool at the bottom was tempting. It turned out to be quite an epic. We started 700 metres downstream by a footbridge following a faint path which soon […]

  • Aysgarth High Falls

    Aysgarth High Falls

    The River Ure tumbling over Aysgarth Falls, perhaps Wensleydale’s most famous beauty spot. Tumbling swiftly, it could be said. The name, Ure, is toponymically very old, coming from the Celtic language ‘isura’ means swift-flowing. That’s the Celts, before the Danes, before the Anglo-Saxons, who put up with the Roman occupiers. The written records that survive […]

  • Old Meggison

    Old Meggison

    Kildale Falls, aka Old Meggison. I had spotted the other day that a lot of work had been done by the estate thinning the trees and constructing steps down the steep bank. It has certainly been made a lot brighter and easier access downstream. The track along the gorge still displays “Concessionary Path” signs with […]