Circulus inextricabilis

Remember back in October when I commented on the estate padlocking their newly constructed steps down to the Old Meggison waterfall in Kildale?

The padlocked access steps down to Old Meggison in October 2020.

Well, the steps have now gone, and a hundred metres or so of post and wire fencing has been erected along the riverside of the track in an attempt to restrict access to the waterfall.

I can’t see it working. This morning there was a couple climbing through the fence.

To be fair, over this past year, the falls have attracted an unprecedented number of visitors, many encouraged by its description as a “hidden gem” in the local newspaper. Posts on Facebook have repeated the claim. Is this blog part of the problem?

Some of the new visitors, however, have no respect for the countryside, and have trashed the place. The estate has been left to deal with the human detritus in their wake.

I don’t know what the answer is, but one that gets you no further forward is not a solution. Circulus inextricabilis.

We can only hope that, in the new normal, when pubs and other visitor attractions have reopened, and flights are back on to Torremolinos, the demand for these “hidden gems” of the North York Moors will ease.

3 Replies to “Circulus inextricabilis”

  1. Your views expressed here are close to my heart. As we pass the anniversary of lockdown 1, I realise that I have been extolling the virtues of Torremolinos for a whole year now.

  2. Sadly an invasion of beautiful places and trashing them is happening all over the country. There is huge disrespect for wildlife and ecosystems and for private property, with people thinking that ‘open access’ means that they (and their dogs) can rush about anywhere they choose, and that ‘national park’ means it’s like an urban park, in public ownership. It’s a conundrum … on the one hand national park managers are keen to diversify their users, but on the other they – and the land-owners – have to deal with the environmental and economic consequences of over-use once that diversification actually happens. And I agree that social media has a huge amount to answer for.

  3. I’ve been down there 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months. I usually notice litter, but don’t recall any. The only way to get good photos is to go down. Parking is tricky, so I park just the other side of the railway bridge. It’s not my dog in the shots, but I see nothing wrong with it.


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