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  • Track To Summer Hill

    Track To Summer Hill

    I’ve lived in the area for almost fifty years and there are still footpaths I’ve never trodden. I’ve known about this Right of Way but I’ve never bothered with it. For me, getting to the start would entail a kilometre or so of road running, it ends abruptly and doesn’t link up with over routes. […]

  • Capt. Cook’s Monument and Aireyholme Farm

    Capt. Cook’s Monument and Aireyholme Farm

    The familiar sight of Capt. Cook’s Monument on Easby Moor appearing as the low cloud dissipates. It wouldn’t have been familiar to the young James Cook who lived as a young boy at Aireyholme Farm (centre of photograph). His father was employed there as a hind or skilled farm hand. However problematic Cook is in the […]

  • Gin House, Park Farm, Kildale

    Gin House, Park Farm, Kildale

    Horses were once a traditional source of power on the farm and in industry. Threshing, milling, pumping, lifting, sawing, churning would all be done under horse-power. On farms, the ‘gin’, a shortening of the word ‘engine’, was often undercover in a separate building attached to the barn called a ‘gin-house’, and in many cases these […]

  • The Convict Peace in the North Riding

    The Convict Peace in the North Riding

    Spent the day with the National Trust in Bransdale, tidying up Spout House farm which is due to have new tenants. Spout House is the first one you come to as you drop into the dale from Gillamoor. While researching something to write about connected with the featured image I came across this piece in […]

  • A 3 wheeled tractor … now I recognise that

    A 3 wheeled tractor … now I recognise that

    I used to have one as a Dinky Toy. The back lifted and it had cast alloy wheels. Had a clear out a few years ago and sold my old Dinky Toys on eBay. Someone, somewhere is lovingly caring for it. I bumped into this one, which does need a bit of T.L.C. above Lealholm. […]

  • Ruffianly Attack on a Farmer

    Ruffianly Attack on a Farmer

    I just love it on those days when I awake without a clue, metaphorically speaking, of where I’m going and end up down the proverbially rabbit hole. An opportunity today for a one way trip from the Lords’ Stone (or the Lord’s Stones as the café has been called) to Clay Bank via Raisdale. This […]

  • Aireyholme Farm

    Aireyholme Farm

    They must be lambing around now at Aireyholme Farm, the 1st April being the traditional date. There are plenty of sheep in the surrounding fields. Although a single farm now, Aireyholme was recorded in the Domesday Book as the manor of Ergun. It must have a been a moderately sized settlement then and the name […]

  • Aireyholme Lane

    Aireyholme Lane

    The snow is melting fast but there is still just enough to transform what would be an otherwise lacklustre scene. In the absence of snow, the plastic covered silage bales would dominate, and Aireyholme Lane would be just a non-descript track of broken bricks. Today, it’s a river of meltwater. Perhaps not a river to […]

  • Aireyholme


    An earlyish start for a walk back home from Pinchinthorpe and once again, setting out in the dull and gloom and thick cloud. Almost home and out pops a sunbeam, a phenomenon which in naval slang would have been termed a ‘Jacob’s Ladder‘. And the sun shone on Aireyholme Farm, and the fields south and […]

  • Bankside Farm

    Bankside Farm

    A bit of a ‘lucky dip’ walk today. Generally dull and gloomy, with the occasional brief sunny spell. One such spell occurred when I was climbing out of Kildale towards Capt. Cook’s Monument on the Cleveland Way. Above the pasture field known as Ley Close, Bankside Farm and its neighbour Bankside Cottage reflected the apricity. […]