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  • “Love, and look after it!”

    “Love, and look after it!”

    I usually wake up to the Farming Today programme on Radio 4. On Saturdays, it is a bit of a compilation and 45 minutes later so I’m less philogrobolized than on a weekday. The first ten minutes or so this morning was about the trashing of the countryside that many of us have observed during […]

  • Dunnet Bay

    Dunnet Bay

    What do you call a group of imps or fairies? A herd, a flock, perhaps a mischief? Anyway, Dunnet Bay is the landfall of a bridge across the Pentland Firth that the imps employed by the wizard Donald Duibheal Mackay had been told to build. They wove the main rope out of sand, but when […]

  • Beadnell


    I suppose I am drawn to the sea, perhaps I am a thalassophile at heart, but not quite ‘sjøvant‘ as the Scandawegians would say, not being entirely at ease. I remember a works outing in 2003, a sailing trip from Hartlepool to the Farne Islands for the weekend. I was so bad, even though the […]

  • Great Ayton Moor

    Great Ayton Moor

    A sunny morning and a little obambulation over Great Ayton Moor. Surprisingly a rainbow. “A rainbow at night, fair weather in sight. A rainbow at morn, fair weather all gorn.” Happen to be near this cairn. Although Great Ayton Moor has many Bronze Age tumuli, sadly this cairn is not one of them. A modern […]

  • Gormire Lake

    Gormire Lake

    A lap of Gormire this morning. Rain all the way down, and all the way back, but the sun broke over on the unfathomable lake, although Wikipedia says it’s 21 feet. Enough to cover the reputed village that lies at its bottom next to the gateway to hell. I saw none of its infamous leeches, […]

  • Bransdale


    A refreshing day spent in Bransdale, making repairs to some of the field boundaries. Bransdale’s walls are quite distinctive. In other uplands, dry stone walls are constructed of two skins of stonework, usually dressed and tapering inwards towards the top, with the gap filled with small pieces. Bransdale’s walls are just a single skin, huge […]

  • Roseberry Rainbow

    Roseberry Rainbow

    Moments after being caught in a shower. The rainbow was a complete semi-circle but the camera lens was not wide enough to fit it all in. One of those magic moments. A rainbow at night, Fair weather in sight. A rainbow at morn, Fair weather all gorn. Ok, not the best of poems and seemingly […]

  • At the South Gare

    At the South Gare

    Enjoyed yesterday’s stroll on the beach so much, headed to the South Gare. Of course, by the lunar clock, an hour earlier. Two hours off high tide. Wave height only 7 foot but the lighting superb. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Stony Wicks Boundary Stone

    Stony Wicks Boundary Stone

    A morning run up Scugdale and over to the Lords Stones, where I was to meet my wife. “Did you see the rainbow?”, she asked. Wanting to avoid pedantry I replied I had but I could have said: “no, but I saw a rainbow”. I took a photo of it and this is it. It […]

  • Newlands Beck

    Newlands Beck

    Good for nothing today after yesterday’s exertions so posting another photo from the Lake District; and just to show that the sun did make an appearance. This was taken in the shelter of Newlands Beck just before I crested High Scawdel and met the full force of the wind. I failed to find the name […]