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  • Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, overlooking Hutton Lowcross. one of the many Deltaic sandstone outcrops along the scarp of the moors.The name is pretty common, presumably because like other crags from below it appears to hang over the valley. Ryston Nab, the nose on which its on, has a more interesting name being documented in the 14th century…

  • Saltwick Bay

    Saltwick Bay

    From the Cleveland Way, Saltwick Bay at low tide looks benign and peaceful. It is a glorious spring day. Families are relaxing on the beach, rockpooling, or just strolling. But the bay has a history of industry and disasters. Alum was quarried at Saltwick Bay in the 17th and 18th centuries. The main quarry for…

  • Turkey Nab

    Turkey Nab

    Turkey Nab is actually at the cairn in the top left of the photo. Where Ingleby Bank and Battersby Bank meet. This disused sandstone quarry to the south of the nab is often used as a rock climbing venue. Not over popular it does nevertheless provide some interesting routes. It is said the name, Turkey…

  • Highcliff Nab

    Highcliff Nab

    ‚ÄčFrom Bousdale Wood, near Pinchinthorp. A sandstone crag overlooking the town of Guisborough. On the northern edge of the North York Moors and a popular  climbing venue, first ‘discovered’ for climbing in the 1930s. There is a Mesolithic site just beyond the summit. The Nab must have made a fine lookout for the hunters over…

  • Eston Moor

    Eston Moor

    I went up Eston Nab today. Took thirty¬†children from a local primary school to look at the remains of the ironstone mines¬†and on up to the Nab. To discover their local heritage. I felt ashamed. So much litter. Everywhere piles of plastic bottles. I counted seven burnt out cars. The paths through the woods¬†have been…

  • Highcliff Nab

    Highcliff Nab

    The heather is just about past its sell by date. A view east from Percy Rigg towards Highcliffe or Codhill Farm and Highcliff Nab.

  • Highcliff Nab

    Highcliff Nab

    Had a trip out to Highcliff Nab today. I was surprised how much forestry has been felled. This is a view which hasn’t been seen for a few years.