Turkey Nab

Turkey Nab is actually at the cairn in the top left of the photo. Where Ingleby Bank and Battersby Bank meet. This disused sandstone quarry to the south of the nab is often used as a rock climbing venue. Not over popular it does nevertheless provide some interesting routes. It is said the name, Turkey Nab, comes from the local name for grouse being called ‘wild turkeys’. But a derivation from Thurkilsti, the ancient route across the moors, seems more likely to me. Thurkill’s hill road is mentioned in the grant of land to Rievaulx Abbey in 1145 and can be traced today traversing the moors to Kirbymoorside and ascending Turkey Nab on its way from Stokesley. Nab is derived from Old Norse nabbr/nabbi meaning a ‘projecting peak or knoll’ although nabs in the North York Moors seem to refer to rocky headlands or noses.
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