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  • Bloworth Crossing

    Bloworth Crossing

    Or Blawith, as I’ve seen it written. Or Blowith. Many names, but a well-known feature on several long-distance path over the moors. Where the Rosedale mineral railway crossed the ancient track along Rudland Rigg, a track which, in 1934. Alec E. F. Wright described as a “grass road” and “exhilarating”. In the 21st-century, the Rudland…

  • Ingleby Incline

    Ingleby Incline

    The old railway incline for the Rosedale Branch ironstone railway. Almost a mile long with a maximum gradient of 1 in 5. A rake of trucks full of iron ore would be lowered down by a steel rope, which looped around a drum at the top and pulled up a rake of empty trucks. Speeds…

  • Guisborough Forest And Walkway Visitors Centre, Pinchinthorpe

    Guisborough Forest And Walkway Visitors Centre, Pinchinthorpe

    I cycled the route of the old Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway towards Nunthorpe in the hope of a nice photo of Roseberry from an unfamiliar angle but the dull weather dashed that idea. It was an out and back route along a well-maintained walkway. At the far end, a six-foot-high fence prevented all chance of…

  • Roseberry from the old railway at Bank Foot

    Roseberry from the old railway at Bank Foot

    An afternoon stroll along the course of the old mineral railway to Rosedale. Storm Erik has been and gone, leaving a cloudless sky. Super views of Roseberry in the distance. Just realised I didn’t get a Model Release Form. Hope I don’t get sued. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Slapewath Viaduct

    Slapewath Viaduct

    It is not very often that this view is so clear. During the summer months, when the tree canopy and undergrowth is thick, the viaduct is almost hidden from the A171. Even today I have only managed to get six out of its eight arches in. The viaduct carried the Cleveland Railway, which was built…

  • Nanny Meyer’s Incline

    Nanny Meyer’s Incline

    I saw the name on the map and I just knew I had to see. I had a few hours to kill in Durham so decided to drive up to the moors around the head of the Derwent Valley. The moorland around is bleak and lonely with just a scattering of farmsteads. So who was…