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  • Marske Sands, do we want a healthy marine ecology or a free Enterprise Zone?

    Marske Sands, do we want a healthy marine ecology or a free Enterprise Zone?

    “In many respects the most notable feature of any integrated iron and steel works, whether operational or non-operational, a blast furnace is an impressive example of industrial architecture at its best. Located at the northern end of the development, at the boundary between the North Industrial Zone and Coastal Community Zone Redcar Blast Furnace is […]

  • Eilean Nòstaig

    Eilean Nòstaig

    The windswept rolling headland of Ardnave Point is a mix of machair and sand dunes and populated by inquistive sheep. Along the Atlantic facing coast, a strange abandoned arrangement of concrete dam walls and rusty sluice gates, too small for a boat. I read that it is an abandoned lobster farm. Further information has proved […]

  • Dùn Bheolain

    Dùn Bheolain

    I find walking along the western seaboard of Scotland extremely exhilerating. More so that bagging summits in the clag. This is from Rubha Lamanais or Smaull point, just north of Saligo on Islay. It offer superb views of a trio of sharks teeth peaks, sometimes called Smaull Rocks or sometimes Opera Rocks. The latter must […]

  • Cuddy Trail — Tods Loup

    Cuddy Trail — Tods Loup

    On 12 March 1840, the Fife Herald carried an advertisement: LAMBERTON COLLIERY TO LET. To be Let, for such a number of years as may be agreed upon, with entry thereto at Whitsunday 1840, THE COAL FIELD situated on the Farm of LAMBERTON, in the parish of Mordington, and county of Berwick, as formerly occupied […]

  • Hawthorn Hive

    Hawthorn Hive

    This morning I was surprised that The Guardian’s Country Diary was about Chourdon Point on the Durham coast. Surprised that I just happened to have planned a run along the coastal path passing by this point. After I met up with someone in nearby Dalton. Phil Gates, the writer of the piece, describes “the soporific […]

  • Port Mulgrave

    Port Mulgrave

    The coast provided an escape from the inland mist. This is Port Mulgrave, once an active harbour east of Staithes, where ironstone was exported to foundries on Tyneside. There is still no easy way down to the harbour. Once there were steps used by the men to descend every day to work on the quays […]