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Eilean Nòstaig

The windswept rolling headland of Ardnave Point is a mix of machair and sand dunes and populated by inquistive sheep.

Along the Atlantic facing coast, a strange abandoned arrangement of concrete dam walls and rusty sluice gates, too small for a boat. I read that it is an abandoned lobster farm1Google Books. (2013). Walking on Jura, Islay and Colonsay. [online] Available at: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=yQiwDwAAQBAJ&lpg=PT245&dq=ardnave%20lobster%20farm&pg=PT245#v=onepage&q=ardnave%20lobster%20farm&f=false [Accessed 16 May 2022]..

Further information has proved quite elusive. Canmore, the Scottish Heritage site lists “Two stone built fish traps on the shore” of unassigned age2Canmore.org.uk. (2022). Islay, Eilean Nostaig | Canmore. [online] Available at: https://canmore.org.uk/site/273263/islay-eilean-nostaig [Accessed 16 May 2022].. These were definately concrete.

A report written in 1973 notes “in recent years a concrete fishing tank has been constructed in the southwest corner of the [Ardnave peninsula], making use of a naturally advantageous position between the shore and the rocks on the lower beach. At the time of survey the tank was unused3Ritchie, W.  and R.S. Crofts. Beaches of Islay, Jura and Colonsay Commissioned by the Countryside Commission for Scotland, June 1973..

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