Codhill Heights Revisited

A photo I posted earlier this year was of the round barrow at Codhill Heights, an inconspicuous 296-metre high summit on the ridge behind Highcliff Nab. Over the years a cairn has been built over the barrow which dates to around 2,000 BC. The National Park has now removed this “modern” cairn exposing some original kerbstones and a large partially buried upright boulder. However, the removal has also revealed a large lump of concrete set against the boulder. The concrete has a hole, perhaps for a post and the initials “T.P.” and “C.S.” with the date “11/11/43”, all impressed before the concrete had set. All very curious. The 11th of November is, of course, Armistice Day, maybe not significant.

Addendum: 4 Apr 18 further mentioned on the NYM blog, here.

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  1. Removal of the cairn on Codhill Heights, was that really necessary?Could hardly be called a modern (recent) addition to the landscape as it was there in the 1960s. Were folk really damaging the barrow? Wonder if the concrete and hole has something to do with an old O.S. passive trig. station, probably not.
    St. Mary’s Well, brilliant find Mick .

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