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  • The Legacy of Marske Aerodrome: its role in WW1

    The Legacy of Marske Aerodrome: its role in WW1

    Back in October 1973, I entered my first orienteering event, which happened to be in the bramble-infested maze of Errington Wood. Needless to say, I got hopelessly lost, but that experience marked the beginning of my lifelong love of the sport. Unfortunately, the course that day didn’t take us up to the high point of […]

  • It’s good to see blue skies after the grey of the last few days

    It’s good to see blue skies after the grey of the last few days

    This is the sands at Redcar. A few years after the turn of the 19th-century Redcar, with the exception of Scarborough, was described as “the most extensively patronised seaside resort on the N.E. coast.” An old Redcar woman, Mrs. Diana Carter, had begun providing the first bathing machines at Redcar in about 1802. Six years […]

  • Yearby


    An early, gloomy start from Yearby Bank back home via Eston Nab, a prominence which used to be a regular run but now I rarely go. After a few minutes, the sun broke over the hill revealing super lighting over the coastal plain. Yearby is that quiet hamlet at the foot of Yearby Bank, notorious, […]

  • Wilton village

    Wilton village

    Perhaps the most least known village of Teesside. Its tweeness belies its proximity to the petrochemical industries of the Wilton International Site, or whatever it calls itself nowadays. Wilton offers plenty of photogenic opportunities. The ‘Castle’, rebuilt 1807 and now a golf club; the old school, built 1855, and the church, rebuilt 1907/8. I think […]

  • Paddy’s Hole

    Paddy’s Hole

    A small man-made harbour on the river side of the South Gare Breakwater. Brightly painted boats bob in the breeze and ‘quaint’ boat-houses, once the home of salmon fishermen, align the shore. It is assumed the name, Paddy’s Hole, comes from the large number of Irish navvies that helped build the breakwater between 1863 and […]

  • Redcar Blast Furnace

    Redcar Blast Furnace

    In many respects the most notable feature of any integrated iron and steel works, whether operational or non-operational, a blast furnace is an impressive example of industrial architecture at its best. Located at the northern end of the development, at the boundary between the North Industrial Zone and Coastal Community Zone Redcar Blast Furnace is […]

  • Upleatham Park

    Upleatham Park

    In search of any remains of Upleatham Hall, that was situated about halfway between Guisborough and Saltburn. The hall was built originally by Sir Lawrence Dundas (1710-81) after acquiring the estate along with others in Aske, Richmond, Marske and Loftus. This must have been an intense spending spree, all estates seemingly being brought within the […]

  • Finally some sunshine

    Finally some sunshine

    A week dominated by weather fronts sweeping across the country and where the mornings have become distinctly more autumnal. Nice to have some sunshine and clarity this morning then. This is a view north by northeast from Hutton Moor over Guisborough towards Redcar and the North Sea. On the right is Beacon Moor and Errington […]

  • A lone Redshank amongst a flock of sleeping Oystercatchers

    A lone Redshank amongst a flock of sleeping Oystercatchers

    A mooch around South Gare at the mouth of the Tees. Twitchers were twitching over a black-throated diver. Apparently. But it was so far away I couldn’t make out any detail. Could well have been a cormorant as far as I knew. Instead, a lone Redshank amongst a flock of sleeping Oystercatchers caught my attention. […]

  • A murmuration of starlings

    A murmuration of starlings

    One of nature’s spectacles and another tick off my bucket list. And so close to home, Coatham Marshes at Redcar, in the shadow of the skeleton of the old blast furnace. We waited and waited, was just about to move on to the South Gare to catch the sunset when things happened. A few flocks […]