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  • Green Bank

    Green Bank

    I’ve entitled this ‘Green Bank’. That’s the name of the slight rise that can be made out on the col between Cringle Moor and Carlton Bank. Just to the left of Roseberry in the distant. The col is now lorded over by the misnamed Lord Stones Cafe. The foreground is heavily dominated by the skeletal…

  • View of Stokesley and the Cleveland Plain from Tom Gill

    View of Stokesley and the Cleveland Plain from Tom Gill

    I was minded to post a photo of Stokesley today, as on this day, 28th January, a Royalist army was raised in the town. If you didn’t know Stokesley is the built-up area far left in the photo. In a previous post, I wrote about the Battle of Marske Beach when, in the summer of…

  • Carlton Bank

    Carlton Bank

    I wrote just a few weeks ago about a farmer by the name of Joseph Hugill from Raisdale, who was attacked and robbed on his way home from Kirby. That was in 1892. 25 years earlier, another Hugill unfortunately died on his way home. A report in the Shields Daily Gazette, on the 12 Jan.…

  • A fast descent of Cringley End

    A fast descent of Cringley End

    Headed up to Lord Stones Country Park to take a look at a mountain bike race being held up there. The race comprised five timed downhill sections separated by untimed uphill routes, climbed at leisure. About 35km total distance. One of the downhill sections descended Cringley End, an old name for the ‘nose’ of Cringle…

  • The Three Lords’ Stone

    The Three Lords’ Stone

    The Three Lords’ Stone, is so named after the three Lords: Duncombe of Helmsley, Marwood of Busby Hall and Aislesby, who had land in Scugdale. The boundaries of their respective estates met at the Stone. It is situated on the edge of a tumulus behind the present day Lord Stones Cafe. There is some inscription…

  • Carlton Bank

    Carlton Bank

    Descending from Carlton Moor to Lord Stones Country Park. Stokesley industrial estate is in the distant centre.