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Category: Battersby Moor

  • Coleson Bank

    Coleson Bank

    This is not a route I use that often. A deep sunken track from Battersby up and over the moor to Baysdale. It gives an impression of some age, but its original purpose has been lost in antiquity. I suspect it may have been the route initially used by Bernard de Balliol (of Barnard Castle […]

  • Turkey Nab

    Turkey Nab

    I’ve just watched the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the USA, the first time I’ve ever watched such a ceremony. I now reside in a feeling of immense relief. Both America and ourselves take pride in our liberal democracies. But there are huge idiosyncrasies on both sides. Our unelected House of […]

  • Battersby Bank

    Battersby Bank

    Damn, I wish I had dug my skis out of the loft. The only trouble with ‘skiløping‘ in this country is the extreme variation we get in the snow conditions. Down in the valley, there is just a ‘flindrikin‘ or smattering of snow that fell yesterday and froze overnight, but high on the moors, a crust had […]

  • Battersby Crag

    Battersby Crag

    I first came across this old rusty gate many years ago when I was planning a night navigation exercise. That must have been in the 1990s. I had waded down through the steep heathery slope, stopping on top of the crag and looking down on to the spikes. For an instance, my heart missed a […]

  • One of The Three Sisters

    One of The Three Sisters

    A late evening view across to Easby Moor from above Turkey Nab. The 1857 Ordnance Survey map names this spring as The Three Sisters (one of). Her other two sisters are each 500m away to the north and south-east. This spring now flows into a covered concrete tank surrounded by a rickety fence but the […]