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  • April Fools’ Day

    April Fools’ Day

    And so we fly into April. Tempus fugit. I was planning on an April Fool, but didn’t have enough foresight. And by the time I post this, it’ll be past the 12 o’clock deadline. So, instead, I’ll just post about the history of the tradition. But first, my morning’s exercise. With the weather looking pretty…

  • Pilgrimage of Grace

    Pilgrimage of Grace

    On the 19th October 1536, Henry VIII lost his patience at the rebels on the Pilgrimage of Grace. He wrote to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk: “You are to use all dexterity in getting the harness and weapons of the said rebels brought in to Lincoln or other sure places, and cause all the boats…

  • Kirby Bank Trod

    Kirby Bank Trod

    This is one of the most interesting climbs onto the moors. While many of today’s Rights of Way follow roughly the routes of ancient pathways, on the climb up Kirby Bank you can actually tread the same flagstones laid down by the Cistercian monks of Rievaulx Abbey in the late C12th/early C13th. Flagstones that are…

  • Rievaulx⁩ Abbey

    Rievaulx⁩ Abbey

    The image of the life Cistercian monk is one of austerity, hard manual work and self-sufficiency, and one of the first Cistercian monasteries to be founded in the North of England was in the valley of the River Rye at Rievaulx⁩, in 1132. Seen here from the National Trust’s Rievaulx⁩ Terrace property, it grew to…

  • Fountains Abbey

    Fountains Abbey

    A 12th-century Cistercian abbey owned by the National Trust. Its World Heritage Site status makes it a very popular venue. We arrived early before the Sunday crowds. Open Space Web-Map builder Code