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  • Roseberry Plant Bed

    Roseberry Plant Bed

    On this day, in 1769, William Smith was born in Oxfordshire. In later life, he moved to Scarborough and became known as the Father of Geology. But I jump too far ahead. He became a canal engineer and thus became very familiar with the rocks encountered in constructing cuttings for canals in the Midlands and…

  • Beannachta√≠ na F√©ile P√°draig ort

    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort

    St Patrick’s Day and a reminder needed that spring is on its way. The average date for the first swallow being spotted off the southern coast is 29th March. In the North-East, it will probably be a couple of weeks later. So in 3 weeks time, we could be seeing our first swallows arriving after…

  • Snow, bracken and bluebells

    Snow, bracken and bluebells

    Beneath the wet, dirty snow, beneath last year’s carpet of dead bracken, the bluebells remind us that spring is on its way. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry Topping

    Woke up this morning to a hard frost, overcast but bright skies in the distant out over the North Sea. By nine o’clock, a whiteout. Utter chaos, all roads south at a standstill. By tea time, blue skies, roads clear, and, with Roseberry as a backdrop, warm enough for a moment’s reflection. Open Space Web-Map…

  • Thundersnow?


    The “Beast from the East” arrived in North Yorkshire as a lamb. No worse than a normal winter. In The Sun today there is an article about thundersnow, apparently a rare phenonmena in the UK when thunderstorms occurs in cold winter air and rain falls as snow. This may well have been the front of…

  • Britain’s 23rd Favourite Walk

    Britain’s 23rd Favourite Walk

    A disappointing snowfall. Threatening but just a flindrikin. Roseberry Topping wasn’t so much wearing a cap but a grey veil. Didn’t see a soul except for this lone cyclist pushing his bike down the hill. Why? And a gravel bike at that. Roseberry, recently placed 23rd in a ITV list of Britain’s favourite walks. Part…

  • Cleveland Hills from Roseberry

    Cleveland Hills from Roseberry

    A view south from Roseberry towards Whorlton Hill with Beacon Hill and Near Moor behind. Early afternoon.

  • Passing of a front

    Passing of a front

    A windy start, up on to Great Ayton Moor beneath a leaden sky. On Roseberry, sunbeams broke through to the south. Down at the folly and the sun was fully out, blue sky and a lovely end to the day. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Little Roseberry/Big Roseberry

    Little Roseberry/Big Roseberry

    Finally, after a week of grey, sunshine and blue sky. A classic view of Roseberry.

  • The Folly and the Banana Tree

    The Folly and the Banana Tree

    The mysterious sandstone building below Roseberry Topping. Most likely a folly built to enhance the landscape. But no one knows for sure. And the Banana Tree as it is affectionately known by children. Open Space Web-Map builder Code