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  • Roseberry Romp

    Roseberry Romp

    Runners negotiating the rocks on Roseberry summit in the annual Roseberry Romp, a 5 mile race involving 320m of climb. The race is organised by the National Trust and generally follows paths around the perimeter of the property including a climb up to the summit. Roseberry Topping is owned by the National Trust. The 320m […]

  • The Summerhouse at Roseberry

    The Summerhouse at Roseberry

    A day finishing off the archaeological dig at Aireyholme Farm, but took the dog out this morning and snapped this photo of the folly below Roseberry. Very little of its history is known. The oriental style of the roof is unique. There is a sketch of Roseberry dated 1788 by George Cruit that shows the building. […]

  • Yellow is the color of my true love’s hair …

    Yellow is the color of my true love’s hair …

    … so sang Donovan way back in 1965 when fields of yellow rapeseed was almost unheard of in the UK. In 2012 the UK produced 2.6m tonnes of the seeds; worldwide production has increased over 12 fold in the same period. Its seeds are used extensively in animal feed, vegetable oil and bio-diesel. I wonder […]

  • Black Bank

    Black Bank

    Recent felling of the plantation on Black Bank on the escarpment of Newton Moor has opened up a completely new prospect of Roseberry Topping. Revealed by the felling were a few interesting looking crags, so I battled through the debris resembling the Tunguska event for a nose around. The crags are nothing to shout about. The foresters […]

  • Flying the Flag on Roseberry

    Flying the Flag on Roseberry

    This Union Flag was flying on Roseberry summit this morning. I thought at first it was a BNP publicity stunt, one has recently been erected on Eston Nab, but hand written on the flag were hundreds on names, one I recognised was Lee Rigby so I guess they’re soldiers who have died whilst serving their […]

  • Lenten Lillies

    Lenten Lillies

    Lenten Lily is the Yorkshire name for the daffodil, the wild English variety. I’m not sure if these are indeed truly wild daffodils but I like the name. Daffs are poisonous nevertheless they have been used throughout the centuries for medicinal purposes particularly as a cure for cancer. Hippocrates himself recommended a pessary prepared from daffodils for […]

  • Victorian Graffiti

    Victorian Graffiti

    Roseberry Topping gained its distinctive shape on a May night in 1912 when an land slump caused the cliff to collapse. At the time the ironstone mining was blamed but I understand that it is now thought to have been just a natural occurrence. But prior to 1912 the temptation to graffiti the summit sandstone was […]

  • Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    After yesterday’s Victor Meldew posting I felt the need to post something more pleasanter. Until not so long ago this view of Roseberry from the north east would not have been possible. The hillside as far as the fence that can just be made out beyond the crag was blanketed in forestry. It has since been cleared felled […]

  • Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry looked good this morning. A fresh covering of overnight snow.