Out & About …

… on the North York Moors, or wherever I happen to be.

Author: Fhithich

  • Broughton Bank

    Broughton Bank

    Dull muted colours with a splash of vibrancy

  • Bridestones Moor

    Bridestones Moor

    Bridestones Moor, a National Trust property north of Dalby Forest, is a large area of unintensively managed heather moorland almost unique of the North York Moors where moors are usually either burnt too frequently for the benefit of grouse production or are overgrazed. The result is a moor with a terrific diversity of flora and…

  • Twilight


    A mad dash to catch the sunrise. Just a small window, ten minutes later the redness had dissipated as the sun cleared the horizon. I guess this is officially Civil Twilight as the sun is less than 6º below the horizon but I prefer the Swedish name “vargtimmen” – the “hour of the wolf”, the…

  • Boundary Stone, Hambleton End

    Boundary Stone, Hambleton End

    Boundary Stone on Black Hambleton in the Tabular Hills.

  • South Gare

    South Gare

    I think Redcar and Cleveland Council are missing a trick. South Gare, on a winter weekday morning was very busy. Dog walkers, bird watchers, folks just enjoying the bracing sea air, no fishermen this time though, must be the wrong time of tide. Yet the tip of the gare is fenced off, barred to the…

  • Lamb Stone,  Great Hograh Moor

    Lamb Stone, Great Hograh Moor

    The Skinner Howe Cross Road was the old packhorse route to the Cistercian nunnery in Baysdale. Just after it crosses Great Hograh Beck there is a large boulder named on the Ordnance Survey map as the Lamb Stone. It’s a large sandstone boulder that shows signs of man’s hand at work. A square edge looks…

  • Castle Howard Gatehouse

    Castle Howard Gatehouse

    Set on the Jurassic limestone of the Howardian Hills, the Castle Howard estate dominates the landscape. A spectacular example of 18th-century opulence. Approach from the south is through the Gatehouse with is pyramid roof, was built in 1719 by Sir John Vanbrugh, who designed Castle Howard itself. Maybe. There is some doubt whether Vanbrugh actually…

  • Tripsdale


    Another fine morning but a day of indecision. Driving up Clay Bank and into Bilsdale I had no idea where I was heading. Chop Gate I suppose but the car park was ignored and in the end, I parked at Fangdale Beck and headed east up onto Coniser Howl, a huge large expanse of heather…

  • Blakey Topping, viewed from the south-east

    Blakey Topping, viewed from the south-east

    Viewed from Thompson’s Rigg, Blakey Topping looks almost conical. From the south-west, it’s a humpback hill. Supposedly built by the giant Wade after an argument with his wife. In a fit of temper, he scooped up a handful of earth, thereby creating the Hole of Horcum, and threw it at her but missed. Blakey Topping…

  • Snotterdale


    A side shoot of Scugdale, I remember Snotterdale as a lovely little valley. But alas no Public Rights of Way exists through so it remains hidden from public gaze. I had the opportunity to explore the woods in 1996 when they were used to stage the Jan Kjellström orienteering relays. And, as far as I…