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  • Capt.Cook's Monument

    Capt.Cook's Monument

    I recently read an article which suggests a Masonic connection to the obelisk and with the great man himself. Apparently obelisks symbolize the Egyptian sun god Amon Re and its cap  or ‘benben’ is actually a pyramid. Now a pyramid forms the basis of the Freemasonry symbol The Eye of Providence, a symbol which can be seen on the reverse of the Great […]

  • Black Hambleton

    Black Hambleton

    The Tabular Hills make up most of the southern half of the North York Moors. Hills with a hard limestone cap. At 1,308 feet Black Hambleton is the highest point making it, for hill bagging enthusiasts, both a Hump and a Tump. A Hump stands for HUndred Metre Prominence and is defined as a hill with a drop […]

  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    I have posted a photo of this new downhill mountain bike track on Ryston Bank before. It’s quite a feat of engineering. I don’t begrudge the building of the track but I am concerned about the source of the sandstone rocks used to make the berms and ramps. Roseberry Common, beyond the fence and ruined dry stone […]

  • Roseberry in the distance

    Roseberry in the distance

    A nice view of Roseberry Topping across the vale of Cleveland. But it is the jumbled collection of rocks below the Wain Stones that has long intrigued me. Dumped there by the last glacier that passed by on its way southwards it must have provided ideal temporary shelter with good views for mesolithic man as he began the […]

  • The final straw …

    The final straw …

    Finally Roseberry Topping appeared after a week with its head in the clouds. But I climbed up there this morning to find the summit crags defaced by a giant Vote Leave banner. I am incandescent. I do not want to see my beloved Roseberry turned into a political billboard. What irks me more is that it carries a […]

  • Black Bank

    Black Bank

    Recent felling of the plantation on Black Bank on the escarpment of Newton Moor has opened up a completely new prospect of Roseberry Topping. Revealed by the felling were a few interesting looking crags, so I battled through the debris resembling the Tunguska event for a nose around. The crags are nothing to shout about. The foresters […]

  • Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    After yesterday’s Victor Meldew posting I felt the need to post something more pleasanter. Until not so long ago this view of Roseberry from the north east would not have been possible. The hillside as far as the fence that can just be made out beyond the crag was blanketed in forestry. It has since been cleared felled […]

  • Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry Topping

    Roseberry looked good this morning. A fresh covering of overnight snow.

  • Heartbreak Hill

    Heartbreak Hill

    A dull, overcast day. Took a trip out to Slapewath to look at some fields known as Heartbreak Hill. Turned out the fields were fairly nondescript and not very photogenic but they do have a bit of history which is worth recounting. The fields, to the left of the row of ex-miners cottages of Margrove Park […]