Roseberry in the distance

A nice view of Roseberry Topping across the vale of Cleveland. But it is the jumbled collection of rocks below the Wain Stones that has long intrigued me. Dumped there by the last glacier that passed by on its way southwards it must have provided ideal temporary shelter with good views for mesolithic man as he began the occupation of the land. And judging by the amount of 21st century detritus folks still do bivvy there.

Group of Rocks, Wain StonesAlthough difficult to see from the photograph the large rock slab bottom left is angled at 45º. Brown and Chappel in their book of Prehistoric Rock Art in the North York Moors describe some prehistoric rock art on this slab.

I’ve added a second photo. Ignore the modern graffiti and look for the long grove towards the right side side of the slab ending in a small, shallow cup. According to Brown and Chappel this grove is has been pecked indicating it’s man made although how they can be sure it was made by prehistoric man and not a Viking or Medieval or Victorian man I don’t know.

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