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Category: Cleveland Hills

  • Boulder, Potters Ridge

    Boulder, Potters Ridge

    It always surprises me that this large flat boulder, on Potters Ridge around the back of Highcliff Nab is not named on any map. It is certainly significant and its location on a high point on the North York Moors escarpment only slightly lower than surrounding tops would have been a natural draw for prehistoric […]

  • Lonsdale


    A side valley of Kildale on a sunny Christmas Day. The farm in the centre we still know as Smelly Farm. Well, that was twenty years ago, it has been tidied up since and no longer exudes the particular miasmas. And of course, it was never a farm as such just a range of barns. […]

  • St. Thomas’s Day

    St. Thomas’s Day

    December 20th, the feast of St. Thomas, or Doubting Thomas as he is sometimes referred because he doubted Jesus’s resurrection, was a bit of a special day for Yorkshire folk. The Rev. Atkinson in the 19th-century wrote of the custom of children going a-Thomassing, that is visiting houses on this day and asking for Thomas’s […]

  • Snowstorm at Hagg’s Gate

    Snowstorm at Hagg’s Gate

    I was reminded today of a popular knick-knack of the 60s: a snow globe. A half dome of glass filled with water and snow confetti. Inside was a small scene, maybe including a reindeer or a Disney character. Given a shake, the scene would be transformed into a snowstorm. I am looking down through a […]

  • Cleveland Hills

    Cleveland Hills

    Just a sliver of a sunset. A bit disappointing and a reminder of the dark winter nights ahead. A view south west from Newton Moor. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Hutton Moor

    Hutton Moor

    This stand of larch has always intrigued me. It first appears on the 1952 edition of the Ordnance Survey map, is circular and isolated on the heather moor. It can not be self-seeded. Who planted it? And why?

  • View from The Wainstones

    View from The Wainstones

    As the early morning clouds swirled around the tops of the Cleveland Hills the ubiquitous yellow fields of rapeseed dominated the view onto the plain below. Rapeseed was originally only grown for machine oil as it was too bitter for human consumption but new strains developed in the 70s made the oil more palatable. In […]

  • Green Bank

    Green Bank

    The Cleveland Hills mark the north western edge of the North York Moors National Park. This is Green Bank below the Lord Stones Country Park although not much vegetation can grow on the soft Lower Jurassic shales.