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A poem wot I rote

There have been much enthusiasm recently about AI (artificial intelligence) generated text using companies such as ChatGPT.

Always on the lookout for a lazy opportunity,  I thought I would give it a go and downloaded the app.

So to accompany today’s photo of the summerhouse below Roseberry Topping I thought I would get the AI bot to write a poem for me — specifically one in iambic pentameter.

I used the text from a post of the folly from two years ago.

First problem was that the free trial of the app was limited to 5 blocks of text of 250 or so characters. So I had to input in stages, with a little pruning.

First verse:

This is a summerhouse,
a folly, or a prospect house,
to enhance the landscape,
a place where the ladies can rest and wait,
while the gentlemen to climb to the summit.

Not bad, certainly it’s completely different to anything I would have written. Is it in iambic pentameter though?

Second verse:

A troop of four soldiers, billeted there,
Ready to man a beacon on the summit of Roseberry,
Warn of an invasion by the French.
Not a day goes by without the sound
Of rifle fire in the distance,
The clashes of battle, resounding out.
And yet we stand firm, refusing to flee,
Proud to be defending our home,
Defending our country, our King and Queen.

Whoops, seems to be a bit of poetic licence creeping in from the fourth line.

map of the town
Doubtful though it is,
a shooting box it might be,
scribed on a sketch map of the town,
a century or so ago.

Map! Town! Now it’s gone completely off track.

Hmmm, probably not be the best poem ever written. Shakespeare can rest easy.

But who takes the credit? Is it my work? After all I inputted the raw data.







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