Hutton Hall

This building has always intrigued me.

Sited at the east end of the long tapering village green of Hutton Rudby, it was at one time seat of the Lord of the Manor of Hutton although it was split into two dwellings soon after 19471Barrigan, Alice. 2022. ‘Stately Homes of Hutton Rudby’, <> [accessed 24 July 2022].

While the whole building is Grade II listed, it is the battlemented tower and its turret chimney which draws your eyes2‘Heritage Gateway – Results’. 2018. <> [accessed 27 October 2022].

The tower, and indeed the whole house, date from the early 1880s when Allan Bowes Wilson rebuilt it3Barrigan, Alice. 2022. ‘A History Walk Round Hutton Rudby’, <,In%20the%20early%201880s,-%2C%20after%20his%20father%27s> [accessed 27 October 2022]. These Scottish-Baronial towers, part of the Gothic revival in architecture, were very much in vogue at the time.

The Wilsons were the biggest employer in the village, owning the sailcloth mill down the bank on the River Leven4Barrigan, Alice. 2022. ‘Stately Homes of Hutton Rudby’, <> [accessed 27 October 2022].

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