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Fishy WW2 code-names

A view down from above the WW2 Starfish Decoy Command Bunker on Hutton Moor down Codhill Slack, or Rivelingdale to use its medieval name1Guisborough Before 1900″. Edited by B.J.D. Harrison and G. Dixon. ISBN 0 9507827 0 X 1982.

Starfish seems a strange name to have used for decoys created to simulate burning British cities. I guess a secret code-name should be completely unrelated to the operation or else it might give the game away. Marine life were a popular choice for military strategists on both sides of the conflict.

We have Operation Perch, an offensive during the early stages of D-Day to encircle and seize the German occupied city of Caen2Wikipedia Contributors. 2022. ‘Operation Perch’, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation) <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Perch> [accessed 27 August 2022]. D-Day itself was Operation Neptune, not really fish related though3Wikipedia Contributors. 2022. ‘Normandy Landings’, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation) <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings> [accessed 27 August 2022].

Whales was the name given to the floating piers used on D-day itself4Wikipedia Contributors. 2022. ‘Mulberry Harbour’, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation) <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulberry_harbour#Whales> [accessed 27 August 2022].

Operation Sardine was an unrealised Allied plan for an amphibious attack and landing in the Adriatic Sea5‘Sardine (Ii) | Operations & Codenames of WWII’. 2020. Codenames.info <https://codenames.info/operation/sardine-ii/> [accessed 27 August 2022].

Squid was the codename for a British anti-submarine mortar weapon6Wikipedia Contributors. 2022. ‘Squid (Weapon)’, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation) <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_(weapon)> [accessed 27 August 2022].

The German strategists were particularly found of fishes and sea mammals:

And I am sure there are many, many more. There is plenty of fish in the sea.







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