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Carradale Point

A Brobdingnagian finger pointing due south into the Kilbrannon Sound.

Schist — a metamorphic rock formed 541 to 1000 million years ago from sediment deposits in deep seas.

The headland is protected by a jungle of rhododendron and populated by feral goats. A narrow dyke of igneous microgabbro 23 to 66 million years old runs down the centreline of the isthmus but the dominant rock is much, much older, heavily banded Schist, folded into amazing patterns1Bgs.ac.uk. (2022). Geology of Britain viewer | British Geological Survey (BGS). [online] Available at: https://mapapps.bgs.ac.uk/geologyofbritain/home.html [Accessed 9 May 2022]..

The tip is a tidal island in which is a vitrified Iron-Age fort — or it was tidal in 1924, when an archaeological survey was done, but it would have to be a very high spring tide to cut it off now2Canmore.org.uk. (2022). Carradale Point | Canmore. [online] Available at: https://canmore.org.uk/site/39221/carradale-point [Accessed 9 May 2022].. Vitrification means the remains of the stone walls show evidence of being fused together as a result of immense heat3Wikipedia Contributors (2022). Vitrified fort. [online] Wikipedia. Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitrified_fort [Accessed 9 May 2022].. It is unclear if this fire was as a result of attack, an accident, or as a deliberate act of destruction.

Amazingly, there are the remains of another fort — but not vitrified— on the main isthmus, about 400 metres away. It is not clear if these are contemporary.

The point has more modern history. On the 9th September 1859, the ‘Grace Darling‘, a 17-year-old sloop of 19 tons carrying coals, stranded on the point with a total loss, including its crew of 2 men and a cabin boy4Canmore.org.uk. (2022). Grace Darling: Carradale Point, Kintyre, Kilbrannan Sound, Firth Of Clyde | Canmore. [online] Available at: https://canmore.org.uk/site/218809/grace-darling-carradale-point-kintyre-kilbrannan-sound-firth-of-clyde [Accessed 9 May 2022]..

38 years later, on 17 October 1897, another boat with the same name of ‘Grace Darling‘, this time a 43 ton ketch, came to grief in Carradale Bay in the Autumn gales. This time the crew of three survived but the boat was total loss5Canmore.org.uk. (2022). Grace Darling: Carradale Beach, Kintyre, Kilbrannan Sound, Firth Of Clyde | Canmore. [online] Available at: https://canmore.org.uk/site/220236/grace-darling-carradale-beach-kintyre-kilbrannan-sound-firth-of-clyde [Accessed 9 May 2022]..

As you can see from the photo a wet and wild day on the Mull of Kintyre today.








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