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The Isle of Grasmoor

Lockdown day 1, my daily exercise ration done and dusted. All very quiet today. And afterwards a look through my photo archive. Flashback to New Year’s Eve 2008.

This must have been one of my most favourite days out on the Lakeland Fells. We were staying at Helvellyn Youth Hostel. Good friends, good times. I’d set out from the hostel in sub-zero temperature, a hoar frost whitewashing the bracken and trees, past ice-covered cascades of Glenridding Beck, and began the steep climb through the dense freezing fog. Suddenly I was above the cloud and the views just got better. A perfect temperature inversion.

This photo was taken from Raise looking NW to the Grasmoor massif with Sail, Crag Hill and Eel Crag.

My initial thought was that this was Skiddaw but I have now been corrected. However, I will not edit the rest of this post so it should be read as if it were Skiddaw.

So Skiddaw, once thought to be the highest mountain in England. A 16th-century poem by William Camden says

Skiddaw, Lanvedin and Casticand
Are the highest mountains in all England.

Casticand‘ is said to be Catstycam and ‘Lanvedin‘ Helvellyn. Of course, we know now that Skiddaw is actually third-highest behind Scafell Pike and Helvellyn.

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