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Three Howes Rigg Bus Shelter

A graffiti skirmish has erupted on the East Cleveland moors using this disused bus shelter as a canvas. I have photographed it before but then, a couple of years ago, I noticed the EU/Union flag addition. It’s on one of my regular cycle routes and over the months I have photographed the ‘artwork’ several times but always something better came up for this blog. Then the EU side was overpainted with white and some Brexit slogan and the chance was lost. But now the EU flag has been restored.

I can’t say I condone this ‘artwork’ on the moors even on a disused concrete bus shelter which stands at the Commondale junction on the Lockwood to Castleton Road. It was once served by just one bus every other week and was nominated by the BBC News Magazine as one of the UK’s loneliest bus shelters. But sadly that accolade is gone, no buses stop here now, a pathetic echo of a lonely divided nation.

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4 responses to “Three Howes Rigg Bus Shelter”

  1. Bob Howe avatar
    Bob Howe

    I guess it’s become a shelter for lonely cyclists Mick, it does have a nice view though.

  2. Tony Greenwod avatar
    Tony Greenwod

    That was an important Bus Shelter for the Scouts. It was the nearest stop to our campsite at Commondale. Although we usually used the train, sometimes it was easier to get. the bus back to Linthorpe.
    Ahh memories.

    1. Fhithich avatar

      A long walk if it’s raining.

      1. Tony Greenwood avatar
        Tony Greenwood

        And a large ex-army rucksac….

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