Boxing Day Hunt

It’s becoming a tradition. Keeping an eye on the Boxing Day Hunt to see if they stray onto National Trust land. They appeared to have done last year and caused damage to the walkways in Newton woods. Admittingly that was in November; on a high profile day such as Boxing Day, I would be surprised if the best behaviour wasn’t the rule of the day.

If I were into horseriding and was hoping for a good hack, it would have been a bitter disappointment. Hours of sitting around, waiting, interspersed by brief periods of walking. One solitary red jacketed rider seemed to be having all the fun with his small pack of a couple of dozen hounds in the fields and woods around Easby. Two more red jacketed riders held the main group of riders above Easby Wood overseeing the action. The hounds, of course, were supposed to be following a laid “trail” but whoever laid it must not have done a very good job. Surely the trail could have laid to enable the horses to follow?
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  1. >>Surely the trail could have laid to enable the horses to follow?<<
    Ah but here you are over estimating the intelligence of these 'sportsmen'.
    From experience I can vouch they have no regard for property, walkers, or cyclists. Zero tolerance for other riders, and as for caring for the wildlife….. don't make me laugh! When I asked them not to ride over my land as not only were they trespassing but also their horses were over the hocks in mud. They called me "arsey" !!

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