Cockshaw Quarry

A glorious evening, very autumnal although Autumn is still a week or so away. Cockshaw is a very abused part of the escarpment between Captain Cook’s Monument and Roseberry Topping. The sandstone cap was intensively quarried. Lower down the remains of a clamp, leaching pits and cisterns for the alum industry can be traced, except in summer of course when the bracken is too high. Small scale jet extraction took place in the 1700s and a century later Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine was established. Today the area is reverting to nature.
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  1. Beautiful pictures.When I was a schoolboy 1945 two friends and I climbed down a large hole which had a tunnel going left and right,it was up against the rock face which I believed to be cockshaw hill. One lad had trouble climbing the rope and I had to get the help of some soldiers to get him out.Wondered if this was the right location.

    1. I wasn’t aware of a tunnel on the face, Stanley. There’s a ledge that’s difficult to reach. There is a tunnel/cave in Cliff Rigg quarry. Are you thinking of that one?

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