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  • Nature’s Canvas on Whorlton Moor

    Nature’s Canvas on Whorlton Moor

    Of all the boulders on the North York Moors, this is perhaps my favourite. It rests nestled in the heather on Stony Ridge on Whorlton Moor, but back in the last ice age, it would’ve been getting a good washing from the waves along the shore of Lake Scugdale. Now, in places where fungi and…

  • Gold Hill

    Gold Hill

    A wander around Whorlton and Carlton Moors on a lovely morning. The first blooms of the ling are out and looking good. Down below in the vale of Cleveland pastures are dry and crops are ready for harvesting, giving the feel of an African savannah. A small excursion across the heather to the site of…

  • Stone Ruck

    Stone Ruck

    A rather dull morning but I somehow managed to miss the downpour. The high moors have somewhat woolly boundaries. Sometimes they follow the meandering of streams and other natural features, elsewhere they may be a straight line between landmarks drawn in an office or mapped as “Undefined”. The parish boundary between Whorlton and Bilsdale West…

  • Whorlton Moor Shooting House

    Whorlton Moor Shooting House

    At the beginning of September, a photo did the rounds on FaceBook showing some graffiti on a shooting house purporting to have been done by Extinction Rebellion. This was linked to an article on the website Campaign for Protecting Moorland Communities (C4PMC), a site “dedicated to protecting moorland communities and the driven grouse shooting”. I…

  • Whorlton Moor

    Whorlton Moor

    A lone walker crosses a sunny Whorlton Moor and heads towards dark ominous clouds in the east. He is probably on one of the two long distance footpaths which use this stretch of the moors, the Cleveland Way or the Coast to Coast, the latter an unofficial but very popular walk starting at St Bees…

  • Holy Well Gill

    Holy Well Gill

    Another trip onto Whorlton Moor. Second time in three days. I’m always fascinated by Holy Well Gill, an outflow from the glacial lake of Scugdale. Just a bit damp at the thalweg, a German word for the line following the lowest points of a valley. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Let’s Learn Moor with the BASC

    Let’s Learn Moor with the BASC

    When the Police seize property as a result of criminal investigations or a court orders the confiscation of property, it is auctioned off (assuming, of course, it cannot be returned to its rightful owner) and the money placed in the Police Property Fund. Grants are then awarded from the fund to local community and voluntary…

  • Swainby Shooting House

    Swainby Shooting House

    Just over a year to the day (well three days actually) and I find myself again at this remote spot on the vast expanse of heather moorland to the east of Osmotherley. But what a difference in the weather. Clag down and a heavy drizzle. The shooting house stands at a height of 319m above…

  • Robert Aske Memorial Seat

    Robert Aske Memorial Seat

    It’s amazing how a little bit of snow transforms a scene. I’ve had my eye on this bench as a subject since first starting this blog but have always been disappointed with the resulting photo. I first came across it many years ago when I glanced at the little brass plaque: TO THE GLORY OF…

  • Live Moor and Whorlton Hill

    Live Moor and Whorlton Hill

    The low lying cloud was playing tricks this morning. Great Ayton, Stokesley: sunshine and blue skies. Carlton, just 4 kilometres down the road, dense fog obscuring the sun. Then, climbing up Carlton Bank into the sun again. Brilliant. Open Space Web-Map builder Code