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  • The Crags of White Hill: Evidence of a 1872 Landslip

    The Crags of White Hill: Evidence of a 1872 Landslip

    A brisk autumn morning but with a subtle nip in the roriferous air, though the temperature would soon be rising. A warm day beckoned. Meanwhile, 377,000 kilometres away, the moon hangs in the morning sky, as is often the case during its waning gibbous phase, when it transitions from full to half. Down below on…

  • Nanny Newgill, the Broughton Witch — Part II

    Nanny Newgill, the Broughton Witch — Part II

    Back on the Cleveland Hills after a few days break. I was reminded crossing Urra Moor that I need to post the second part of Richard Blakeborough’s 1902 tale of Nanny Newgill, the Broughton Witch. For Part I see here. NANNY NEWGILL, THE BROUGHTON WITCH. SYNOPSIS OF PART I. Dinah Curry, a Broughton girl, marries…

  • The Ghost of Hoggart’s Wood

    The Ghost of Hoggart’s Wood

    The Cleveland Hills once formed a intimidating barrier that kept the dales in isolation. Access was by steep unmade tracks, Turkey Nab, Clay Bank, Carlton Bank, Scarth Nick. Nowadays of course, (most of) these routes have been tarmaced and the internal combustion engine has made the climb so much easier. The route from Ingleby Greenhow…

  • Yow and Gimmer

    Yow and Gimmer

    A wary pose for this yow and her gimmer lamb. She looks quite healthy, a bit clarty perhaps around the rear end. A clarty arse, clogged with urine and faecal matter, can be actually quite a problem for the sheep farmer. It can provide a breeding ground for maggots, a condition known as flystrike. Treatment…

  • White Hill from Carr Ridge

    White Hill from Carr Ridge

    A view that will be familiar to walkers heading west along the Cleveland Way and Coast to Coast trails which both descend down to Haggs Gate or Clay Bank Top before climbing up Hasty Bank onto White Hill. The modern paved route is directed just off to the right but this cleft in the scarp…

  • White Hill

    White Hill

    A large swathe of clear felling on White Hill. It may be a coincidence but the clearance is almost exactly on the disturbed ground of the 1872 landslip when the Stokesley to Helmsley road was covered to a depth of up to 24 feet with rocks, shale and soil. The argument about who should repair…

  • Broughton Bank

    Broughton Bank

    Dull muted colours with a splash of vibrancy