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  • Ryston Nab

    Ryston Nab

    Ryston Nab, or Hanging Stone, overlooking Guisborough. A bit dreich on the tops, with rain and gale force winds. Guisborough is a market town and civil parish in the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland. Even though it has been over half a century since it lost its Yorkshire association, for many folk, Guisborough will always […]

  • The Hanging Stone

    The Hanging Stone

    Overlooking the heavily forested Hutton Lowcross, the sandstone outcrop at the end of Ryston Nab is well known as the Hanging Stone, presumably because it ‘hangs’ over the valley, rather than it being a site of execution. Ryston Nab, the nose on which it’s on, has a more interesting etymology. It survives from the 14th-century […]

  • A day of strange atmospherics

    A day of strange atmospherics

    On this day in 2005, at 0601 in the morning, a huge explosion rocked an oil depot in Buncefield near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. It was the largest in peacetime Europe and the noise is said to have been heard as far away as the Netherlands. I seem to remember people at work saying they […]

  • Guisborough from Hanging Stone

    Guisborough from Hanging Stone

    Following yesterday’s post featuring a quotation from William Camden’s 1586 book ‘Britannia’, his guide to the British Isles, I thought I should post about what he had to say about Guisborough and the alum industry, which, in the Elizabethan times, was still a novelty. This is the first half of the paragraph following yesterday’s quotation. […]

  • Hanging Stone

    Hanging Stone

    A dash around one of my regular routes before the weather was due to change. Through Newton Wood, up Hanging Stone, and then on to Roseberry. There were the remains of a fire on the Hanging Stone. Folk mulling over the meaning of life gathered around a campfire. An activity which has probably gone on […]

  • Dawn over Guisborough

    Dawn over Guisborough

    High on my bucket list of the places to visit is Iceland but since it’s become the de rigueur tourist destination it’s probably dropped down a bit. But I am still very interested in all things Icelandic. “Þetta reddast” is an Icelandic phrase which google translates as “it will all work out”. Living in a […]

  • Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, Ryston Nab

    Hanging Stone, overlooking Hutton Lowcross. one of the many Deltaic sandstone outcrops along the scarp of the moors.The name is pretty common, presumably because like other crags from below it appears to hang over the valley. Ryston Nab, the nose on which its on, has a more interesting name being documented in the 14th century […]