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Category: Mull

  • Calgary Bay

    Calgary Bay

    The Gaelic name for this idyllic beach of white sands is Cala ghearraidh, the ‘beach of the meadow’, which has been anglicised to Calgary. Like many other Scottish Highland communities, those at Cala ghearraidh were evicted, the land cleared and given over to sheep. This would probably have been in around 1817 when the Mornish estate…

  • Isthmus between Port an-t Slaoichain and Port Bheathain

    Isthmus between Port an-t Slaoichain and Port Bheathain

    In Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Kidnapped‘ the hero, David Balfour is kidnapped and is shipwrecked landing up at Erraid on the Ross of Mull. The story then follows his journey back to Edinburgh to confront his wicked uncle. In June 2016 two mates, Bob and Andy, and I followed in the footsteps of Balfour, from Erraid…

  • Carsaig Arches

    Carsaig Arches

    A day of travelling. Heading back south. Ferries, buses and cars. So a photo from Wednesday last of the Carsaig Arches on Mull’s dramatic sea coast. Woke up to a sea fret which was finally burning off.

  • I Nam Ban Boidhehch

    I Nam Ban Boidhehch

    Island of the beautiful women, or Iona as it is more commonly called.