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  • Cliff Ironstone Quarry

    Cliff Ironstone Quarry

    One of the lesser known ironstone mines in Cleveland. Well, actually it was a quarry for the first 8 years of its operation from 1857 to 1865. An account published in 1866 by ‘J.G.’ is interesting: Enchanting as everything appeared we had no time to linger, so we began our trip from the beach and…

  • Huntcliff


    The prominent landmark east of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. An hour before low tide. This was once the site of a Roman signal station which main purpose was to look out for pirates raiding settlements along the east coast. It comprised a stone turret 15-metre square with walls 2.3-metre thick suggesting it must have been quite a tall…

  • Huntcliff, Saltburn

    Huntcliff, Saltburn

    A dramatic farewell for Cleveland Way walkers as they begin their descent into Saltburn and turn west inland. Huntcliff rises 110 metres above the North Sea. Ironstone and sandstone strata form the upper shear cliff with softer mudstones lower down, all laid down in the Jurassic geological time period. The cliffs are losing a constant…

  • Saltburn Sands

    Saltburn Sands

    A bracing stroll along the beach at Saltburn. This morning’s Inshore Waters forecast for Berwick-on-Tweed to Whitby:- Wind: West or northwest 5 or 7 occasionally gale 8 at first, backing southwest 4 to 5, increasing 6 or 7 later. Sea State: Moderate, occasionally rough, becoming slight or moderate later. Weather: Wintry showers, rain later. Visibility:…

  • The Charm Bracelet

    The Charm Bracelet

    I must admit I wasn’t too impressed when this appeared on the Cleveland Way between Saltburn and Skinningrove in the early 1990s but it has grown on me. Some youths in ’96 didn’t like it and they promptly hoyed it over the cliff. Or maybe they just did it for a laugh. I wonder what…

  • Huntcliff


    From Saltburn pier. No surfers out today though wild breaking waves fueled by a piercing north wind. A running sea of sugar loaves. Gulls circled the pier hoovering up dropped chips. Open Space Web-Map builder Code