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Category: Hasty Bank

  • The Elephant Stone

    The Elephant Stone

    Some wit referred to this as the Elephant Stone. I don’t know if that’s an “official” name but to me, it’s a complete misnomer. It looks nothing like an elephant and that is in spite of a strategically placed climbing hold as an eye, and some carved voracious teeth. Teeth, on an elephant! It can…

  • Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank

    Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank

    A menhir or standing stone on Urra Moor right next to the Cleveland Way. I suspect this stone has been erected in modern times simply because I can find no mention of it which I am sure there would be if it was indeed historically significant. As it is it gives a good foreground to…

  • Rotten Scar

    Rotten Scar

    Last Sunday I posted a little question where was I when I took the photo. I thought the hill would be a giveaway but for once no one came close. Further back and a little bit higher on the edge of Urra Moor and Hasty Bank becomes more obvious. The valley is the top end…

  • Raven’s Scar

    Raven’s Scar

    A north facing sandstone crag overlooking Great Broughton on Hasty Bank. On the 1857 map named as Baven’s Scar which I think must have been an error. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • The Sheep Walk

    The Sheep Walk

    A view familiar to Cleveland Way Walkers and Coast to Coasters. Both long-distance trails pass through this gap between outcrops of rocks collectively known as The Wainstones. The climbers refer to the gap as the Sheep Walk, although sheep will need to resort to scrambling to climb it. A Danish chieftain was supposed to have…

  • White Hill

    White Hill

    White Hill, or perhaps better known as Hasty Bank, although I think that name actually refers to the Bilsdale side. Anyway the site of the 1872 landslip which wiped out the old Stokesley to Bilsdale road. I won’t repeat the history here, just refer you to my earlier post. Looking down on the Cleveland plain…

  • Hasty Bank

    Hasty Bank

    An unexpected surprise as the sun broke beneath the bank of thick cloud that had covered Cleveland all afternoon. The light lasted a few minutes before the sun sank below the horizon. I happened to be at Bank Foot at the time, near Ingleby Greenhow.

  • The Cheshire Stone

    The Cheshire Stone

    Another wet morning left me dithering to go out but by lunch time the sun was breaking through.¬†Even on the Cleveland Hills I am always amazed to discover¬†new places and vistas. I was browsing the 1853 Ordnance Survey 6″ map when I spotted the¬†name Cheshire Stone on the edge of Urra Moor overlooking Bilsdale. To…

  • Rock Art or Graffiti?

    Rock Art or Graffiti?

    With rain forecast for the day I headed for Garfitt Gap below the Wainstones to try and photograph¬†some Bronze Age cup and ring marked boulders. The boulders were easy to locate¬†but the markings were not. The book I have has some drawings showing some intricate markings. Seems a bit of wishful thinking to me. A…