Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank

A menhir or standing stone on Urra Moor right next to the Cleveland Way. I suspect this stone has been erected in modern times simply because I can find no mention of it which I am sure there would be if it was indeed historically significant. As it is it gives a good foreground to a view along Carr Ridge with Hasty Bank and Cold Moor in the distance.
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  1. Definitely a modern creation post 1980’ish. For many years there was one of the original Bransdale Estate maroon painted wooden signs nearby detailing do’s and don’ts (mainly don’ts unsurprisingly) when accessing the area. Among a long list it warned against damaging the trees alongside which some wag had scrawled ‘especially the trees’. I was always puzzled by the board only to find out decades later that a deal had been done granting public access to the moorland to avoid inheritance tax which the estate conveniently forgot to tell anyone about.

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