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  • Newly painted Roseberry trig point

    Newly painted Roseberry trig point

    Roseberry’s trig point received a fresh coat of brillant white this morning. A clean canvas for a new generation of graffiti artists. How long until the first arrives?

  • G’boro Moor Trig. Point

    G’boro Moor Trig. Point

    Today, 17 August, marks the  250th anniversary of the first recorded ascent of Ben Nevis, by Edinburgh botanist James Robertson. I think. I say that because Wikipedia says it’s the 19th. Now, I can’t remember from where I acquired that snippet of information but the Nevis Landscape Partnership website says it’s the 17th, so that’s…

  • Today is St. Thomas’s Day

    Today is St. Thomas’s Day

    Or is it? The great god Wikipedia says is 21st December, tomorrow. But Rev. J. C. Atkinson in his 1858 tome “Forty Years in a Moorland Parish” writes that it is the 20th December. I am more inclined to believe the Reverend. An old-fashioned book sitting on my shelf has more authenticity. Whatever the day…

  • Muncaster Fell

    Muncaster Fell

    I’ve never been up Muncaster Fell before, so this is a new one for me. A Wainwright bagged, a Marilyn bagged. Muncaster Fell is an elongated lump of granite, separating the valleys of the Eskdale and Miterdale. The highest point is Hooker Crag, a mere 231m high but offering fine views over the west Cumbria…

  • Brim Fell Ridge

    Brim Fell Ridge

    View north from the Old Man of Coniston. Brim Fell and Swirl How. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Roseberry Art

    Roseberry Art

    A really good piece of work by Rachel Lonsdale, simple but effective. But I’m not convinced Roseberry needs it. I fear another step towards turning the National Park into a theme park. The idea is to discourage graffitists but with the artwork only on one side, there are three other blank canvasses. It is only a…

  • Sunday afternoon on Roseberry

    Sunday afternoon on Roseberry

    Roseberry summit, Sunday afternoon, a honeypot for the crowds, in spite of the threat of rain. Attracted by the prospect of tea and cakes provided by the National Trust.

  • Crag Hill

    Crag Hill

    ​There’s always been a sense of permanence about Ordnance Survey triangulation points. Manmade clutter on the hills yet viewed upon with some affection. They’ve been immortalised in the drawings of Wainwright and in countless photographs that prove that folks have bagged the summit. So it’s sad when a trig point is no more. And a…