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  • Oak Leaves

    Oak Leaves

    I was watching Springwatch last night and I’m sure I heard Chris P say¬†that there are between 750,000 and 1,000,000 leaves on an oak tree. Mental calculations whilst walking in Cliff Ridge Wood tonight justified that figure. Ten leaves on a spring, ten sprigs on a branch the thickness¬†of a pencil, ten branches the thickness…

  • May Blossom

    May Blossom

    In Nottingham in the early 60s I remember me mam saying “naer¬†cast a clout till May is¬†out” to me when I tried to go out in the Spring without my duffle coat or string vest. I thought, and I think me mam thought too, that “may” referred to the month of May but it really…

  • Oak before ash in for a splash?

    Oak before ash in for a splash?

    So goes the old saying: Oak before ash, in for a splash. Ash before oak, in for a soak. In Cliff Ridge Woods the oak leaves look¬†out to me but the ash buds are only just bursting, so clearly we’re in for just a splash and a dryish summer. But as far as I know…

  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    Back on the NYM. But a damp day with poor visibility. My favourite tree.