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  • Weir, Scugdale Beck

    Weir, Scugdale Beck

    Just below the familiar crossing of Scugdale Beck on the Cleveland Way are these remains of a weir. The crossing is known as Bittling Mill Wath — ‘wath’ meaning a ford — but the weir is more likely to be associated with a fulling mill that was sited about 200m downstream powered by a race […]

  • Bransdale Mill

    Bransdale Mill

    Volunteering with the National Trust in Bransdale, planting 350 wildflower ‘plugs’. I must qualify that: I didn’t do all that number alone, it was a collective effort. But an opportunity to post another photo of the mill, from the rear, the north aspect clearly showing the water race funnel into the building where the water […]

  • A weir on the Wear

    A weir on the Wear

    A few hours to kill in Durham and wanting a break from the shops and touristy things headed down to the River Banks for a stroll along the Wear. On the far side were two corn mills belonging to the Bishop of Durham, known as the Jesus and Lead Mills. By the end of the […]

  • Bransdale Mill

    Bransdale Mill

    The National Trust is currently finishing off the renovation of Bransdale Mill as bunkhouse accommodation but the waterwheel and milling mechanism is badly in need of preservation to prevent further deterioration. The mill dates from the 18th-century and rebuilt in 1842 according to a datestone although a mill probably existed on the site since medieval […]

  • Bransdale Mill

    Bransdale Mill

    There has reportedly been a water mill on this spot alongside Hodge Beck since the late 13th century. The present building was built by William Strickland in 1811 increasing the capacity with the addition of a 16 foot overshot water wheel. A window lintel gives a date of rebuilding of 1842. It had been substantially […]

  • Boar’s Head Mills and the River Derwent

    Boar’s Head Mills and the River Derwent

    Stayed in Derby last night so an early run around Darley Abbey and along the banks of the River Derwent. The photo is of Boar’s Head Mills, a cotton mill built by Thomas Evans and his company between 1782 and 1830 and used in textile production until 1970. The mill took advantage of the water power available from […]