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Category: Great Ayton Moor

  • Pond on Great Ayton Moor

    Pond on Great Ayton Moor

    For all the whinging about the British weather there are not many days in the year when I actually end up running in the rain. I did so this morning. With poor visibility I headed up onto Great Ayton Moor intending to look at the heather and ended up by this pond. I’m not sure if it’s natural […]

  • Bell Heather

    Bell Heather

    One of three types of heather found in the UK, the others being Cross Leaved Heather and the very common Ling. Bell Heather, or Erica cinerea to give it its Latin name, flowers much earlier than Ling and a much richer colour. It favours drier conditions like cling to this sandstone crag in and old quarry on Great […]

  • Ruin, Great Ayton Moor

    Ruin, Great Ayton Moor

    A disused concrete water tank below the escarpment of Great Ayton Moor. Probably provided the water supply to the long demolished farm which about four hundred metres away. Aireyholme Farm and Cliff Rigg can be seen just left of centre. A good clear morning with  a slight dusting of snow.

  • Great Ayton Moor

    Great Ayton Moor

    Seemingly flat, featureless and largely colourless at this time of the year but Great Ayton Moor has over 80 known burial cairns dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. At that time the area was covered with mixed forest and not the heather clad moorland we see today.