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Life finds a way

Am I on an arboreal theme this week?

A toppled tree trunk, adorned with vibrant green moss and saprophytic reddish-brown fungi. The presence of the latter suggests that the tree has been dead for some time. But is it truly lifeless?

Fungi, the decomposers in this woodland ecosystem, toil away, breaking down deceased trees and organic remnants. These processes are vital for the wood’s well-being, as nutrients find their way back into the soil, nourishing future plant life. A cycle that keeps the woodland hale and hearty.

The tree’s skeletal limbs provide perches for birds to warble their tunes. Beetles will find the nutrient-laden decaying wood the perfect nursery for their larvae. Fungi will slowly consume it. This tree isn’t dead; it’s merely fallen. Its life continues.





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  1. Robert MacNamara avatar
    Robert MacNamara

    You may like the book, ‘Entangled Life’ by Merlin Sheldrake . It covers much of this subject .

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