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Commondale, or should that be Sleddale?

From Three Howes Rigg, if you look westward, you might’ve thought you are seeing into Commondale, or maybe Sleddale? Those fields of green let their waters drain into Sleddale Beck. The village of Commondale is tucked away in the dale.

Back in its heyday, that Guisborough Priory was a big landowner in the north of England. It was Robert de Brus from Skelton Castle, who founded it back in 1119. Estates, they had plenty, spread around Yorkshire, Durham, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, and even as far as Scotland. Nearly fifty churches and chapels were in also in their possession. And then there were several cells, small branches of the mother house occupied by a handful of monks. One of these was Colmandale, or to give it its modern name, Commondale1YORKSHIRE COAST AND MOORLAND SCENES. Painted and Described By GORDON HOME. Page 47. Second Edition 1907..

Back in the 1800s, when some workmen were digging around some old building in Commondale, they unearthed something real precious. Imagine a stunning copper crucifix, all dolled up in gold. There is little doubt that this belonged to the priory as it’s got the year 1119 engraved right on it, the same year when Guisborough Priory was founded — although there is some doubt as to the authenticity of this date. Apparently the cross is now in Leeds parish church2Brelstaff, John. 2023. ‘Skelderskew’, Blogspot.com <https://guisboroughhistorynotes.blogspot.com/2009/10/skelderskew.html> [accessed 20 August 2023]



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    yeah! & they wont give it back….bel.ieve me – ihave tried!

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