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The Unstoppable Sheep—Going Places Without a Sheepdog!

The sheep seem to know where they are going. No need for a sheepdog. He’s off on a jolly ride, perched on the back of the quad bike!

I heard a comment today that the National Trust has been encouraging Bransdale tenant farmers to reduce their stocking levels. It’s certainly has made the meadows all lush and teeming with wildflowers.

But, even with a smaller flock, the sheep still have to be shifted around. It’s all about grazing and resting the pastures. They graze one field, then they’re moved to another. Meanwhile, the first field gets a well-deserved break, letting the plants grow back all nice and strong. They call it rotational grazing, fancy name for a simple idea. Some farmers do it for a week or two, others go all out and move the livestock every few days. Gives them better control over what the sheep are eating, and overall, the plant growth is better for it. Only downsides are, it takes up more land and is more work for the farmers1Sheep Grazing; A Management Guide – NWF Agriculture Year: 2020 URL: https://www.nwfagriculture.co.uk/sheep-grass-grazing-management-guide/[Accessed 29 June 2023.






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