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‘The White Hoose’

If you’re ever find yourself travelling along the East Coast Main Railway Line, look out for this salmon fishermen’s bothy. It’s perched about a mile or so north of the English-Scottish border, atop a prominent level spur, overlooking the rocky shore at Lamberton Skerrs. You’ll only catch a glimpse of it. It was a bothy or ‘shiel‘ for salmon fishermen, and a rusty winch on the foreshore hints that some sort of sweep or drag net was used1Lamberton Skerrs | Canmore.org.uk 2023 URL:https://canmore.org.uk/site/128299/lamberton-skerrs.

Made of local red sandstone, but St Abbs fishermen dubbed it ‘The White Hoose’ for some reason or other, when they used it as a navigational mark, while locals called it ‘Lumburn’. It was damaged by fire in recent memory, probably a deliberate act of vandalism.







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