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A view from high looking down on an area of several basalt rock pinnacles which have been dubbed Fingal's Pinnacles (unofficially I believe). Not as high as the pinnacles of the Quiraing but awesome on a climb through them. The sea in the distance is The Minch with the island Eilean Flodigarry.

Gazing down on Fingal’s Pinnacles

Amidst Nature’s tranquil canvas, the distinctive call of the cuckoo shattered the silence once more. From the treeless shores to the lofty mountains, that feathered harbinger has seemed to tail us relentlessly, from the westernmost reaches of Skye to the farthest point north.

In June, so the old rhyme says, he changes his tune. Yet, as far as I can gather, the older birds have already embarked on their African sojourn, leaving behind the fledglings who have yet to master their melodic art1Cuckoo Tracking Project By British Trust for Ornithology URL: https://www.bto.org/cuckoos?dm_i=IG4,8BJO6,GSSY66,Y8VRQ,1. Hence, the change in tune.

But to these old ears of mine, it still sounds the same. They lack the sensitivity to discern the subtleties of their tones.

Amongst the myriad enigmas surrounding this peculiar bird, perhaps none surpasses the wondrous instinct that guides these orphaned youths in pursuit of their departed parents, all the way to their southern winter abodes. The older birds, already seasoned travellers, having once embarked on the journey, can be expected to stay the course. But how do these inexperienced juveniles navigate the route and find their way to their winter sanctuaries? It’s one of those mysteries of avian instinct.

But back to today’s photo. This panoramic view reveals a cluster of basalt rock pinnacles, affectionately christened as Fingal’s Pinnacles, or so the internet says (though unofficially, mind you, as far as I can tell). While not towering as high as the illustrious Quiraing pinnacles, they exude an imposing atmosphere as you ascend past their rugged feet. And best of all, they lie blissfully off the beaten tourist path—always a bonus. In the distance is the shimmering expanse of the Minch, with the quaint presence of Eilean Flodigarry.







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