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Greenhow Botton

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Most of the steep banks guarding the western edge of the North York Moors take their name from the community or parish at their foot so we have Ingleby Bank and Greenhow Bank. Jacksonā€™s Bank, overlooking the flat valley of Greenhow Botton is an exception although Iā€™ve no idea who Jackson was.Ā BottonĀ is old Scandanavian word for a flat bottomedĀ valley.

Known locally as Midnight Corner supposedly because in winter the sun doesnā€™t reachĀ the north facing valley. But this observation must haveĀ been around for sometime, a Midnight HouseĀ is shown on theĀ 1857 Ordnance Survey mapĀ below a Midnight Wood.

Across the valley theĀ Ingleby InclineĀ can be seen diagonally climbing Greenhow Bank,Ā openedĀ in 1861 to carry ironstone from Rosedale to the furnaces at Ferryhill. BelowĀ the incline, in the centre of the photo is Old Sheepfold Farm, to give it its modern name, and to its right the buildings of an outdoor centre can just be made out. This was built on the site of another farm called Siberia, at the foot of an earlier incline climbing up to the Ingleby Ironstone Mine, a short lived venture lasting just four years from 1856 to 1860. The navvies who built the original branch railway and incline lived in a temporary camp in the fieldsĀ around the centre. This scheme mustĀ have been only just complete before the navvies went on to upgrade the railway and build the new incline to Rosedale.

On the steep slopesĀ much of the forestry,Ā planted after World War I to provide a strategic timber resource for the country, is being felled. HopefullyĀ native trees, alder, rowan, willow, oak and birch, will be planted in their placeĀ creating varying habitats for wildlife and plants.



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    In case you ever want it for research, I have a Facebook contact for someone who used to live at Shepherd’s Close in deepest Greeenhow Botton. See comments to this post:

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