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It’s almost 50 years since I moved up to North Yorkshire from the Midlands and started my exploration of the North York Moors. I love going ‘off-piste’ and I thought I had explored every path, every sheep track, and every swidden on the Cleveland Hills.

But today, on a very familiar patch of heather moor, I stumbled across a face carved on a sandstone boulder.

It’s not a Venus de Milo but it’s certainly better than anything I could produce.

This enigmatic piece of rock art reminded me of a carving on Roseberry Topping, not a million miles away. That face seems to be wearing a bishop’s mitre but is heavily weather-worn. Might it be the same artist?

I know of another face carved into a quarry on Hasty Bank. This one has hair and appears to be female.

If these are all by the same hand, he or she was quite prolific. I wonder how many more there are hidden in deep corners of the moors.

No map extract today. I didn’t try but the face is carved on a boulder which seems transportable. I thought I better not publicise the location otherwise it might appear on eBay.






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