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… it is not hard to imagine the short stubby valley of Greenhow Botton being a lake impounded by the wall of glacial ice near Ingleby Greenhow1CLEVELAND NATURALISTSā€™ FIELD CLUB RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS 1901 VOL.1. No. IV. Page 24. Edited by the Rev. J. HAWELL, M.A., F.G.S..

Analysis of the soils reveal the limit of the ice-front. Conspicious knolls, barely requiring more than one ring-contour above the surrounding dale, reveal the presence of sand and gravel with pebbles of quartz and porphyrite, pebbles that originated many, many miles away, in the Lake District and the Cheviots. These small bumps form a crude line across the valley: Lawns, How, Whitley, and Stone Stoup Hills ā€” charcteristic of the terminal moraine of a glacier2Elgee, F. ā€˜Geological Notes. | Stockton Herald, South Durham and Cleveland Advertiser | Saturday 10 October 1903 | British Newspaper Archiveā€™. 2022. Britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk <https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/viewer/bl/0002976/19031010/041/0002> [accessed 8 August 2022].

This glacial lake of Greenhow Botton overflowed into Bilsdale at the col at Clay Bank3Elgee, F. Nature Notes. | Northern Weekly Gazette | Saturday 28 November 1903 | British Newspaper Archive. [online] Available at: https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/viewer/bl/0003075/19031128/113/0014 [Accessed 31 Mar. 2022]..






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