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Loch Lubnaig

An easy morning walk up An Sidhean after yesterday’s exertions. A bit misty at the top but lovely views of Loch Lubnaig with its interesting alluvial spit where the River Balvag flows in.

So perculiar is this natural levee that it has a name — Roinn Mhór.

It’s actually a “prograding delta” where sediment from the shallow, relatively slow flowing River Balvag are deposited on entering the loch1McEwen, L.J. “River Balvag Delta, Stirling (NN560153)”. Fluvial Geomorphology of Great Britain. Edited by K.J. Gregory. [Available online at: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=OR5JCAAAQBAJ&dq=loch+lubnaig+alluvial&source=gbs_navlinks_s] [Accessed 22 May 2022]..

Another interest in the photo is the small lochan bottom right — Lochan Buidhe. This is also the result of the gradual sedimentation of the loch and is termed a “strathlochan”2Ibid..






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