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Stork House

Stork House

It’s 2½ years since I was last at Stork House in perhaps the remotest part of Bransdale and decay has continued to creep on.

Such neglect seems a real shame but the cost of renovation would be prohibitive, and of course, being a National Trust property, it can not be sold, a condition of its transfer through the National Land Fund in 1972, in lieu of death duties of the estate of the late Earl Feversham1“ArcGIS Web Application.” 2021. Arcgis.com <https://nationaltrust.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=a7a56518c10845daab1950239e041447> [accessed 11 June 2021].

In 1993, the disquiet over the neglect of Stork House reached the pages of the Independent newspaper2“Derelict House Rouses Anger.” 2011. The Independent <https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/derelict-house-rouses-anger-1457375.html> [accessed 11 June 2021].

The buildings date from the mid 19th-century although the site itself is thought to be medieval, a monastic grange of Rievaulx Abbey3“MNA144408 | National Trust Heritage Records.” 2015. Nationaltrust.org.uk <https://heritagerecords.nationaltrust.org.uk/HBSMR/MonRecord.aspx?uid=MNA144408> [accessed 11 June 2021]. The NYM HER Map lists an alternative name of ‘Stirk4“HER Map: North York Moors National Park.” 2012. North York Moors National Park <https://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/discover/archaeology/her-map> [accessed 11 June 2021], a Yorkshire word generally meaning a bullock or young heifer‌5“Stirk – Yorkshire Historical Dictionary.” 2021. York.ac.uk <https://yorkshiredictionary.york.ac.uk/words/stirk> [accessed 11 June 2021]. Perhaps ‘Stork’ sounded nicer.







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  1. Stephen luck avatar
    Stephen luck

    Love this place, my grandfather was the last farmer to farm stork house. They moved to high cornfield then across to wind hill. Bransdale is my go to place

  2. Fhithich avatar

    That’s interesting. It would be good to hear of any information you can recall. Even just your grandfather’s name and when he left.

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